Too much to look forward to

3 weeks from yesterday one of my very best friends- that I haven’t seen since last DECEMBER, will be in Texas! I see sonic runs, late night chats, and lots of laughs in the near future!

11 days from today one of my other best friends- and the Hawaiian Princess, is MOVING BACK TO TEXAS!! Can’t wait for her to only be 3 hours away!

1 week from today I’ll be celebrating two of my favorite people’s marriage!

42 days from today I’ll be flying to Florida for 5 days with my favorite person to travel with, watching one of my best friend’s dad go into space, and celebrating Halloween with Mickey at the happiest place on earth.

15 days from today I’ll be seeing Sara Bareilles in concert with a dear friend.

In approximately 7 hours, I’ll be with my two favorite Allye(ies).

4 months from today, I’ll be cruising with my family in the Caribbean, clothes shrinking (aka eating delicious food), getting my tan on, and enjoying 5 days of beach/boat bliss.



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3 responses to “Too much to look forward to

  1. nataliegafford

    This is such a happy post! So much goodness! (Also, I just tried to spell post, poast! haha)

  2. Julie, I love reading happy posts :-) Glad you are doing well! Miss you!

  3. mom

    I love the way you keep your mind on what’s good! I must learn to do this! I’ll have to start a list of my own. Love you! (Can’t wait for the cruise!)

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